Safety Meetings

September 2022

Hot Coffee Lids: Training and re-training all employees on proper handling of cups, identifying damaged cups and tactics for handling burns when they occur.

Uniforms: Slip safe shoes must be worn at all times or employees must be sent home.

Lifting Safely: Posting signage reminding employees how to lift safely will be distributed.

Safety Equipment: The use of stainless steel knives is prohibited.  Only plastic knives should be used in restaurants.

  • COMING SOON: New checklists will be implemented to ensure all restaurants have everything they need to promote safe working conditions.

Winter Weather: Check supplies for winter weather

  • COMING SOON: Salt Logs will be used this winter to assist in preventing slip and falls.

Security: Reminders were given on safety at night — sufficient lighting, alarms on back doors, removing trash before dark, proper use of panic buttons.

Thank you to everyone who agreed to be part of our Safety Committee:

  • Noel McPhee (Rock)
  • Christopher Stoots (Plainfield)
  • Karissa Leo (Square)
  • Justin Banville (Wedge)
  • Megan Graham (Academy)
  • Deb Durrett (Smith)
  • Jennifer Prior (Tower)