Safety & Injury

Injury Reporting & Safety Forms:

Safety FAQ’s:

Someone was injured at my store but it looks like they’ll be fine. Do I still need to report it? You should always report an injury whether it happens to an employee or a customer. Also, if you have the incident on camera let Dawn know so we can make a copy for the record.

If an employee was injured: Referencing page 44 of the Employee Handbook; a First Report of Injury Form (Workers’ Comp) must be completed and called in to Beacon (RI – 888-886-4450; policy 0000063156) or Argonaut Insurance (CT – 800-678-6766; policy WC928308308144 ) within 24 hours.

If a customer was injured: a Guest Incident Report must be completed regardless of the severity of the incident. Also include, if possible, any witness statements. All Guest Incident Reports must be turned in to Dawn Houle (

Someone was injured but did not want to report it. What do I do? Witness statements and video footage would be your best options. Contact Dawn with the information or if you have questions.