Food Safety


As a food handler, it can be easy to forget some of the basic practices that help protect customers from pathogens and prevent food contamination. No matter whether you’re a buser, server, host, or cook—if you handle food at your place of work in any way, you risk transferring pathogens over to your customers.

Food safety is a crucial element for any establishment that serves food or drink. It protects both your employees and customers, as being exposed to rotten or contaminated food can risk the health of everyone involved. It can also contribute to the success of your business, as very little ruins the reputation of a restaurant faster than food that makes the customers sick.


ServSafe is a certification required by the Department of Health. It is a program designed to train food service professional in all aspects of food safety. All Managers and Assistant Managers are required to obtain their ServSafe Certificate. This should be completed within 30 days after completing the Manager-In-Training Program. Once you are enrolled into the online course, you will have access to study materials. The following sites also have useful guides and practice test:

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