FAQS – Leave and FMLA:

What do I do when my employee needs a medical or personal leave? – Reference page 40 of the Employee Handbook. The FMLA process can be found by clicking here. Still have questions? Contact Melanie Greene (Ext. 203)

FAQS – Form I-9 & Onboarding

Click here for the Onboarding/BCI Checks Process

My New Hire has expired documentation for their I-9, what do I do? – Ask for unexpired documentation. Did you know that we can except their unexpired receipt? As long as the new hire provides the hard copy of the document within 14 days upon hire. Click here for a list of acceptable I-9 documents. Contact Melanie Greene (Ext. 203) for your I-9 questions

My new hire didn’t receive the Onboarding email. Can’t I just resend the Welcome email to a different email address? The email address linked to their onboarding is the original address given to HR. This must be updated in the system. Call anyone in HR for help or email BCIchecks@dansmanagement.com to have the onboarding sent to a different email address.

Did you know the most common reasons an I-9 is rejected? The Onboarding Owner doesn’t review page 1 of the I-9 for accuracy. New Hire errors are the number one reason an I-9 is rejected. Missing socials or the name isn’t accurate can easily be spotted by the Onboarding Owner viewing page 1 of the I-9 prior to submitting it. Some other common errors are documentation isn’t labeled correctly on page 2, the start date is incorrect, or the Owner didn’t upload the documentation. These errors can be prevented by taking your time when completing the information. Help avoid the back and forth emails with HR, review prior to submitting. Have questions? Contact Melanie Greene (Ext. 203), Angela Manzo (Ext. 216), or Aaron Thornton (Ext. 217)

FAQS – Benefits:

I am eligible for benefits but I don’t need medical. Can I just enroll in dental and/or vision? – Yes

My partner and myself are not married, can they be covered under my plan? – Yes

FAQS – Recruiting:

HR can help you with your recruiting and interviewing needs. We can provide signage, applications, and job postings to help you recruit. Using Paradox, Indeed, and Snag-a-job we can get the word out there that you need help.

I have a candidate that didn’t come through Paradox. What’s the process? The applicant should fill out a job application, making sure they sign it to accept the background check. Send the full name (including any other names known by) and their date of birth to BCIChecks@dansmanagement.com. Be sure to mention the cost of the uniform shirts and explain the onboarding process to them. Let them know to expect an email. Always confirm the email address with the candidate.

Can I hire a teenager? Absolutely! Follow these guidelines when employing a teen.