Employment Verification

What is an employment verification

Employment verification is the process of confirming current and past work history. Employment verification can also reveal false employment claims, gaps in employment, or fabrication of job titles.

Verification of employment is necessary for:

  • A new job
  • Making a big purchase
  • Validate income
  • Open a line of credit

Any employment inquiries, received by telephone or in writing, regarding past or present employees are to be referred to Human Resources. Dan’s Management Company will only provide the employee’s dates of employment and the employee’s current title or position or if they are no longer employed the Dan’s Management Company then their last title or position. Only if an employee submits a request in writing will additional information be released. This pertains to both past and present employees. Proper request made by legal authorities will be honored.

DMC Handbook – Page 10


(401) 272-9773

Types of Verification

  • Verbal
  • Letter
  • Form

who should verify employment history

All verification of employment should go through the human resources department.

Certain private information should not be released unless we have the written consent of the employee.

If your employee needs a letter of employment or termination they must contact the Human Resources Department.

If you receive a request for an employment verification direct the person requesting the information to contact the HR department.