Dan’s Management Company recognizes the needs of employees for financial protection in the event of illness or injuries that result in medical expenses and loss of income. Providing adequate, cost-effective medical, dental, and vision insurance protection is a concern of the company.

Dan’s Management offers an array of benefits for all our full-time employees. We strive to provide a competitive benefits package at an affordable price.

All full-time employees become eligible for medical, dental, and vision on the 1st of the month after 60 days of employment. All deductions are weekly payroll deductions on a pretax basis. For more information on if you qualify for an offer of benefits through Dan’s Management Company see Chapter 5: Employee Benefits in the Dan’s Management Employee Handbook.

The Company has selected United Healthcare for our medical carrier, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island as the dental plan provider, and United Healthcare as our vision carrier. To keep the employee cost to a minimum, the Company funds a large portion of our employees’ weekly contributions.

Which benefits are you interested in?

2023 Benefits at a Glance may help with making the best enrollment decision for you and your situation. Check it out here.

Know which plans you would like to enroll in? Or maybe you decided that now is not the time and you need to waive coverage. Download the enrollment form and submit to HR. 2023 Dan’s Management Benefit Enrollment Form

Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits are available 60 days after full-time employment. They go into effect the 1st of the month after your 60th day.

Updates to Medical, Dental, and Vision are only available during the open enrollment period unless there is a qualifying life event as listed.

  • Loss of health coverage
    • Losing existing health coverage
    • Turning 26 and losing coverage through a parent’s plan
  • Changes in household
    • Getting married or divorced
    • Having a baby or adopting a child
    • Death in the family
  • Other qualifying events
    • Changes in your income that affect the coverage you qualify for

Are you or someone you know struggling with daily challenges and are in need of support? Visit for community resources in your area.

Do you still have questions about our benefits? – Click here for the contact information to Hilbgroup. Francis, Dina, or Ally will be happy to assist you!