Monday – Friday 8 AM, 1 PM, & 4 PM (Not on Holidays)

Paradox Candidates

Managers are notified via Paradox that a candidate has passed the screening and has scheduled an interview based on the manager schedule.

  • Once a candidate completes the Paradox BCI form HR is notified via email.
  • HR will conduct the background screening and send an email to the hiring manager informing them of the following:
    • The candidate passed the BCI
    • An interview has been scheduled, with date and time
    • Requesting the on-boarding details if the manager wishes to hire after the interview
      • Manager MUST REPLY back to this email with the information. Do not copy and paste into a new email. HR needs to see the email thread to know if the new hire is coming from Paradox.

If the candidate did not pass the BCI then HR will cancel the scheduled interview.

*In the event the candidate did not complete the BCI information in Paradox but keeps the scheduled interview then follow the information in the Non-Paradox user section.

Non-Paradox Candidates

After interviewing the candidate, and receiving the signed application, email BCI (BCIChecks@dansmanagement.com) with the following information about your potential new hire:

  • Name (Check for spelling accuracy. Include former last names if known)
  • Date of Birth

Once processed you’ll receive an email informing if the person passed or not

If they did not pass:

You may inform them that you decided to go with another candidate.

If they passed:

Reply back with the required information requested in email

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address (check this for accuracy as we cannot adjust after it is launched) *Contact HR if the email address is incorrect. It will need to be relaunched. Do not resend the welcome email to a different email address. The new hire will not receive the on-boarding materials by doing this.
  • Start Date (generally 2-3 days from accepting position)
  • Part-time/Full-time (Pt – less than 30 hrs. per wk.; FT – 30 or more hrs. per wk. consistently):
  • Home Store Location
  • Is this person a rehire to the company?
  • How did the New Hire hear about this position?

This information is loaded into UKG Pro to initiate the On-boarding Process for the New Hire (New Hire will receive an email notifying them there is documentation/information they need to complete)

Hiring Manager* will receive an email stating that they’ve been assigned to this New Hire

Hiring Manager will be notified once New Hire completes their portion; Hiring Manager goes into the profile and fills out their part of the Form I-9 and the Review & Submit New Hire Summary

This will prompt HR that someone completed an On-boarding process. HR will go in at the scheduled time to complete our portion of the process for the New Hire.

HR will review the documentation/I-9 information: If corrections are needed, we will contact you. Otherwise, we will process and respond back to the hiring manager and the new hire that they are clear to start, their start date, and provide their username with instructions to access their UKG employee portal.

When filling out the I-9 watch out for the following common errors:

  • Is the social security number correct?
  • Is the List Item a receipt and not the original (Check the appropriate box if a receipt)?
  • Is the List B Item an ID or a License?
  • Permanent Resident Card (List A) – attach the front and back of the card to on-boarding

*If you would like your ASM to be able to onboard notify HR so we can adjust security settings

**It is important that the Employee start on the indicated start date. This can impact their eligibility for benefits and their status in the system. If this date needs to change, please contact HR prior to them starting.